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Hello and welcome to the Grid Packet Computing for Java project home page.

This project was spawned from an idea I initiallly had in 2005 with regard to the capability of using Java to do distributed computing.

The diagram at the right gives an overview of my design where user programs are partitioned into Quantum size computable GridPackets and then submitted to GridRouters for distribution and subsequent processing.

The Quanta contained within GridPackets are then distributed and processed by GridEngines which are implemented in various forms. Currently, the most available form is via a Web Browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or any browser that can run a Java Applet. Other forms, such as Java Servlets, may be implemented but, by far, the Swarm aspect will mostly be implemented by browsers and cell phones. The diagram shows Firefox but this will work with any browser that supports a Java plugin such as those listed previously

After processing is complete, the Quanta are available for retrieval and aggregation by the user program which submitted them. Quanta of different user programs are distinguished by license keys and domains.

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